Tibetan Cranial Therapy


How can I benefit from Tibetan Cranial? Transformation lies at the heart of this work. Therefore, each person experiences Tibetan Cranial
in their own way.

Many have reported relief from a wide spectrum of issues including:
Sinus issues
TMJ and discomfort
Post tongue tie intervention
Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury

This is a shortlist, Tibetan Cranial has been instrumental in supporting recovery from many conditions that impact health. I bring ancient healing practices to the table and provide support for the body, mind, and spirit.




What happens during a Tibetan Cranial Session?

Tibetan Cranial takes place in a quiet setting. The recipient reclines on a Tibetan Cranial table especially designed for this work.
It is best to wear comfortable loose clothes without metal such as zippers or buttons. During the session, the practitioner works on the head and neck, using pulses to help the body achieve an optimal balance.

The work concludes with a period of quiet relaxation. This short rest allows the recipient to fully integrate this work. The recipient is encouraged to walk for a few minutes immediately after the session.


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