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Hello! My name is Carmen


Regression Sessions, Intuitive Work/Reiki, and Meditative Soul Journeys

REIKI is universal life energy. The foundation for the theory of quantum physics is based on Reiki. That is that everything is made of energy and it doesn’t go away, but it simply changes and transforms from one state to another. Some people are more natural conduits for this sort of energy. So when a practitioner of Reiki channels this energy, -much like a lightning rod would a bolt of lightning (only not so intense and terrifying, lol)-they direct that energy to where the healing is needed. Think of “prayer in motion”. The recipient may feel tingling, heat, energy, waves washing over them; it varies from person to person. In most cases, recipients reported loss of chronic pain and stress.

MY INTUITIVE WORK: I am not a fortune teller or charlatan. My gifts are given to me and many others by God. Just as you sit in church on Sunday and feel the presence of Jesus-how he moves you and speaks to you, it is the same for me. I just don’t have to be in a specific building to feel, hear, and know Him. I work with my Angels and Guides in all that I do. I speak to God daily and feel his Grace in my life. Each person that I “read” I always ask that the messages come through for the best and highest good for that person’s healing at this time. People always want to know about money, relationships, jobs. They may not get what they want to hear, they get what is needed for them at this time for their healing. A counselor or therapist would use the books written by authors who did extensive research and case studies. They would know with certainty that 2 plus 2 = 4 because it has been proven. For me, my research and case studies are given to me by feeling, a thought, or an image of this person’s life. It could be a loved one who has crossed over and comes through to let that person know (through proof of only something they would know) to help them understand what they need to do in order to heal and grow. Sometimes even to just move on with their lives.

REGRESSION SESSIONS: Much like my intuitive work, my regression sessions are divinely guided. I ask that the person be taken to the place where they need to heal. I had a client once who is just a beautiful soul. I did a reading for her and I was shown that she had been molested in her childhood. I did not share this with the woman but through that reading, she remembered. She had a pattern of unhealthy relationships and couldn’t understand why. We did a regression session back to her childhood and we carefully navigated that trauma. She was able to recognize and acknowledge that it wasn’t her fault. She was able to see her 6-year-old self and tell her that she is ok and that she is loved. We finished the session and although it’s not an instant healing, she is now able to break her unhealthy patterns and set boundaries as she continues to heal. No therapy is a one time and its fixed. Finding the source and healing is the way to begin healing. It can be a lifetime thing but the first step is the most important.

SOUL JOURNEY MEDITATIONS: These meditations are also divinely guided. The person is asked to consider what it is that they need in their life. Are they struggling with something in particular? What is their purpose? Etc. We embark on a journey and meet certain guides, teachers, and loved ones along the way to help us understand. It is a different experience for each person and often very rewarding.

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