Veronica Quesenberry-Sutton has been reading Tarot for over five years for friends and family, but she’s now sharing her gift with the public. Her practices are deeply rooted in spirit connection and holistic healing. As a reader, her goal is to provide guidance and inspiration for those seeking—wherever they are on their journey—through Tarot. In addition to Tarot reading, Veronica’s a registered and internationally certified 200-hour yoga instructor and Ayurveda practitioner, and look for her other coming soon projects, The Whimsigothic Creatrix and Veronica Vibes!

When Booking, Please choose the appropriate reading you would like, and correspond with the time you choose ie, 30 minutes or an hour booking:

1 Card Reading $15.00 30 Minutes

2 Card Reading $25.00 30 Minutes

3 Card Reading $40.00 30 Minutes

4 Card Reading $55.00 60 Minutes

5 Card Reading $65.00 60 Minutes

5+ Card Reading $85.00 60 Minutes