Have you tried SoulCollage yet?

SoulCollage is a simple & deep tool for personal growth created by Seena Frost, that combines the fun of collage with your own inner wisdom. In SoulCollage an individual creates a deck of collaged cards, each one a separate aspect of their life journey. You don’t need to be an artist to do this! SoulCollage is meant for everyone!

The cards are made from magazines or other images, 5” x 8” mat boards, glue, and a precious blend of one’s imagination and intuition.

Through writing, visualization, and other activities, we are invited to step deeper into each card and discover how it relates to our own life’s journey and inner wisdom.

Join us for a Taste of SoulCollage and experience the joy of tapping into your own creativity! All supplies are provided, but please feel free to bring any extra images that speak to you.

-Stephanie Rowe, SoulCollage certified facilitator