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Shamanic Energy Therapies

From: $100.00

Please make sure you book the correct booking. Payment will be collected at the time of the session.

First time Session is $100.00 for approx. 75mins.

Follow up session is $75.00 for 1 hour.

If no dates or times are available that means we are booked.  Please check back often for availability.



Gay is an energy healing practitioner who is certified in Shamanic Energy Medicine. More and more people are coming to realize that there is more to health than science understands, and they are returning to the wisdoms of the body. Energy medicine interfaces with our bodies on the subtle energy level, where patterns and blockages can more easily be shifted. Ancient cultures still hold much wisdom about this part of our being, and Gay’s healing method comes from the Shaman tradition of Peru.
The Ancient shamanic wisdoms understand the big picture of the subtle realms and are able to use this understanding to work at soul-deep levels. Gay’s powerful healing system helps clients to clear energetic imprints at the source of undesired patterns or conditions and to bring healing energy and balance back to their chakras and luminous body.
The luminous body is the energetic system that consists of the chakras (energy centers) and the energy field that runs through and around our physical body. This luminous body consists of lighter and more fluid energy than our physical body and is healthiest when it is free of the heavier energy that clogs and restricts its energy flow. Shamanic Energy Healing uses ancient wisdom and techniques to locate and remove such blockages and restrictions.
Similar to North American Indian cultures, Shamanic Energy Therapy uses traditional tools including rattles, flower water, and stones to move and absorb energy, and draws on divine guidance and inspiration to lead the way. The basic healing format involves determining the primary chakra that needs work and clearing and re-illuminating it with healing light. Depending on the client’s needs as assessed by the practitioner, advanced healing sessions include the following:
* Extractions: Extracting solid and fluid energy or entity imprints
* Soul retrieval: Finding and retrieving suppressed soul elements and divine gifts
* Deep luminous cleansing of all seven chakras, and other advanced therapies.


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