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If booking Tarotpy, or Akashic Reading and Clearing,  please choose the 60-minute session.  All other bookings are 90-minutes.  Please choose the appropriate time limit when booking.  Payment will be collected at the time of the appointment.

If booking Akashic Reading and Clearing please email Carolina the following information at prior to your appointment. Full name at birth, City and Country of birth, and your date of birth.  


Shadow Work

” The shadow is a force of the unconscious that can be destructive divisive and self-sabotaging.”  Carl Jung
Shadow work is a process that explores the parts of you that you have exiled and suppressed. Shadow work transforms suffering into freedom.
Typical aspects of the shadow
1. Feeling out of control, fearful,  or angry.  Having multiple emotional outbreaks or breakdowns.
2. Having goals and visions of a better life but always procrastinating or feeling unworthy
3. Suppressing yourself or self-sabotage
4. Feeling like you are a victim
Shadow Work allows a person to be fully conscious and aligned to their goals and the best version of themself. It’s empowering, self-improving, so you can feel whole and integrated as a person.
   Benefits of shadow Work
1. Feeling whole and complete as a person
2. Improved interaction with others
3. Learning healthy ways to meet your needs
4. Greater awareness of self, self-esteem, and confidence
5. Healing trauma for yourself and your biological lineage
6. Living an authentic life as your true self at your core
The shadow work process is different for everyone. It is intense and difficult!  An exploration of the past and the deepest repressed thought patterns and emotions you have carried your whole life!
“TAPPING INTO YOUR DARK SIDE” and using your spiritual strength to create a new reality!
 So long as you are prepared to change, and prepare to be fully present and devoted to feeling the shadow work process, you will Free Yourself! 90 Minutes $100.00
Spiritual Massage
A relaxation massage with the transmission of Angelic/Divine frequencies that clears and eliminates toxic energies that have created blocks on many levels of one’s being.  It is a wonderful healing session that brings in abundant positive energy to balance the energy field that assists client in being more creative, energized, and strengthened harmonic flow of energy within the body.  This is all coordinated by connecting and communicating directly with clients higher self, angels, and spirit guides.   It is important during this massage to connect consciously with God/ Universe to enhance the experience and outcome. 90 minutes $160.00


A psycho-spiritual tool for therapy and transformation. To open doors of wisdom of ourselves. to heal our hearts beyond the boundaries and limits of our own perceptions. for greater awareness, guidance, problem-solving, and growth.
Can help to:
Unlock resistance
Unlock creativity
Reveal inner truth
Uncover subconscious fixed patterns
Provide visual roadmap for change and empowerment. 60 minutes $100.00
Akashic Reading and Clearing
“The Akashic records are the energetic database that stores all information about all choices that were ever made. Each soul has its own akashic record which contains all information about the soul back to the moment of its origination from Divine source.”. Andrea Hess
By doing an Akashic reading you can discover the divine nature of your own soul and clear negative influences. This gives you a unique opportunity to make new choices and substantially shift your current experiences and empower yourself to express your own divine nature in everyday life. 90 minutes $235.00  If booking Akashic Reading and Clearing please email Carolina the following information at prior to your appointment. Full name at birth, City and Country of birth, and your date of birth.  

Spiritual 911 – $70

A therapy session that a person chooses because of feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed; the feeling like something needs to be figured out.  When seeking direction to reach the “AHA” moment.

About Carolina:

My journey has been a transformational one, based on balance and self-discovery, through healing of the mind and heart and my ability to love myself.
The experiences of both dark and light, as well as the incredible interaction with the spirit world, have changed me and empowered me to help others on their own Journeys to self-love and mastery.
The people’s lives that I have helped to change will forever stay with me. These are my victories. This is not only the work I do, it is my greatest passion and spiritual calling.
           I am an ordained Priestess
           I am a spiritual healer
           I am  psychic,  intuitive,  and empathic
            I am a channel for divine love light and healing
            I am a practitioner of metaphysical healing science
            I  am blessed and grateful to be able to use my natural abilities to help others become aware of the bigger spiritual picture

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Shadow Work, Spiritual Massage, Tarotpy, Akashic Reading and Clearing


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