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Greetings and grand rising my name is Jose Gabriel Ortiz. I am a small business owner with a background in Spiritual Studies. I am a certified End of Life Doula through the International Doula Life Movement (IDLM) since March 2021 As well as a certified Master Reiki Healer through Stone Soup (I.S.C.). I continued my education in Integrative Healing Arts/ Earth Ceremonies/ Spiritual Studies/Intuitive Coach through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona. My thirst for knowledge and understanding stem from being raised in a Spiritual household by Spiritual parents.

My parents, of Puerto Rican origin, practiced Santeria. My mother was also a devoted Catholic and my father was Methodist. I learned much in my adolescent years and as I reached my teenage years my participation became mandatory. I was allowed, and at times required, to join some ceremonies and rituals of the Lucumi people. From the age of 5 years the stories and experiences have provided me with a plethora of spiritual information. I want to share what I am allowed to share in the hope of stimulating your minds and captivating your hearts with some of these beloved, cherished, secret and mysterious practices of our culture. As I share with you this knowledge, my hope is you will implement some of these practices into your daily life to help expand your personal spiritual repertoire. I hope to create an insatiable desire to connect more fully with Spirit and learn all that can be learned from this side of the veil. When we pass through the veil from this physical life it does not mean we are gone. Death is a transition, not an ending.

Through death we are reminded that we are interdependent on one another and of the need to foster these bonds in our relationships. Most times, we are too busy chasing goals we don’t stop to appreciate relationships that are, in essence, our pillars of support throughout our lifetime. There is a beauty to death that is not always apparent, yet it is always there. The ones we love never leave. When we allow ourselves to open our mind and eyes wide, we can embrace in our hearts all the beauty that is there. We can create a legacy and carry our loved ones with us. Accepting death as a natural part of life alters our experience of ourselves, others, and life in a fundamental and transformational way. It allows us to remember what truly matters and to put things in a healthy empowering perspective.


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