High Council Readings with Mike


Please choose 30 minutes session or 1-hour session when booking.  Payment will be collected at the time of the appointment.

30-minute session $60.00, 1-hour session $125.00




Welcome home. My name is Mike, and whether or not you believe in how magical you are, every encounter you’ll have with me will bring you back home in your own experience.
I am your Transitional Embodiment coach with a wide practice and skill set to empower you personally in your day-to-day life. I specialize in various modalities such as mind-body healing, tantric practices, spiritual divination and mediumship, and even Shamanism! Every session you have with me will be intuitively and divinely packed with a punch.
Session: energetic or a reading
Instagram: golden§age§healing
TiKTok: youngsweetshiva


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