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Brittania North is an Intuitive Psychic Reader and Healer, as well as, a Pagan Artist, a Dedicated Wiccan High Priestess, and an experienced Metaphysical Practitioner. She uses her natural empathic gifts for reading and healing in all facets of her life, for she is also a Naturalist and a Peaceful Hearth Witch.



Her introduction to The Craft and Spiritual Living began with a formal training in Wicca, she now specializes in magickal workings that bring love, peace, joy, health, and Community. Her work is inspired by the sacred Hearth Fire of Home with a focus on Family and Self Love. Her offering to the world comes in the form of Teachings, Readings, and Products created in the hopes that all can experience a life full of love, balance, and health. She lives by the phases of the Moon and for Mother Earth, wanting to share this way of living with any and all who wish to learn. Passionate for all things natural and metaphysical, creating and growing with each breath. She is a thankful mother, partner, daughter, sister, teacher, and friend. Feels most at home helping others. Offers guidance to all who seek it, and relishes the opportunity to be taught by those with great Wisdom. Learning and teaching every day. Practitioner in Natural Pagan and Metaphysical Arts since 2015, and still gaining insight and knowledge.

Healing Through Tarot, Connecting Through Oracle, Triple Goddess Session, Crystal Casting, Intuitive Mapping

30 mins $55

45 mins $70

60 mins $95

90 mins $122

Pathworking/Shamanic Healing

3O MINS $66

45 MINS $99

60 MINS $122

90 MINS $180

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Healing with tarot, Connecting Thru Oracle, Triple Goddess Session, Crystal Casting, Intuitive Mapping, Pathworking Shamanic Healing

1 review for Readings with Brittania

  1. Karen

    Brittania is the bomb! You can feel her energy as soon as she connects. Her readings are dead on and you can tell she loves helping people. She is amazing!

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