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Small Medium at Large


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Payment will be collected at time of the Reading.

Mediumship Readings $44 for 30 min
Mediumship Spirit Art $44 for 30 min
Auragraph Drawings $44 for 30 min



Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area in California, I always had a love for the whimsical and unique. I grew up being an intuitive artist- thriving in all formats of art. Since childhood, I was very intertwined to the Spirit World. My mediumship journey took a giant leap forward with the heartbreaking passing of my best friend of 15-plus years.

I have a desire to heal and help others make connections with those who have left the physical plane. Spirit is so intelligent and it never fails to amaze me each and every day. There’s so much to learn and we always have room to grow. I look forward to meeting and making connections for you!

Mediumship Readings- Direct linking and or allowing spirit communicators to come through naturally. Double connection- using the first spirit communicator to bring in someone else that is associated.
Mediumship Spirit Art -using art to help the spirit communicator tell a story. I can work with initials, name, or just going in through what spirit provides.
Auragraph Drawings – using the color of the sitters aura to tell a story about them and challenges they have faced in this lifetime and what skills they have to overcome any issues through communication of whoever comes through-mix of various guides, archangels, and loved ones.

My favorite things to use in mediumship readings are drawing or tarot to help guide and validate.
I have a love for learning and expanding my mediumship development. When I have spare time I like to study reiki and runes!

Mediumship Readings $44 for 30 min
Mediumship Spirit Art $44 for 30 min
Auragraph Drawings $44 for 30 min

Light and Love!- Bree

6 reviews for Small Medium at Large

  1. Jolie

    I had a wonderful and accurate spirit drawing from Bree. It was amazing the way she brought spirit in and gave me a physical depiction on paper. In addition, Bree is sweet and very kind, a Renaissance woman ♀️.

  2. Daty

    I’m honored to been able to have a reading with Bree! Her lecture is very precise and unique. She is so sweet and has a lovely personality. Her energy is so pretty and warm. Her intuition and talent during her reading helped me understand my actual situation. Her aura reading drawings also helped me understand my process and what to do to move forward. Thank you so much Bree for the amazing readings.

  3. Jolie

    I had an amazing spirit drawing from Bree. She really tapped into spirit and the drawing was accurate and I was so pleased.

  4. Mattie Montz

    So sweet and such a unique creative reader I loved it so much I will be back again!

  5. Natalie

    Very insightful and spot on. Loved bree and her energy. Thank you💕

  6. Paul Hendricks

    Ms Bree is well rounded and well founded when it comes to the gifts she has connected with, and I absolutely enjoyed the warmth of her personality and the depth of her insight. She felt led to do a special reading on my behalf, with specific questions dealing with some of the life choices I’ve been weighing recently; her reading aligned very accurately with my dreams and searchings, so much so that it cannot be dismissed. I had a lot of food for thought, and I’ll be back for more. I highly encourage anyone to go see her, and best of luck and spirit to you, Ms. Bree!

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