Readings with Awen


15 Minute session  $33.00, 30 Minute session $66.00 45 Minute session $88.00, 60 Minute session $120.00.

Payment will be collected at the time of the appointment.



Awen Ascension ~ Healing & Divination

World-Renowned Spiritual Gangster
Awen is a natural psychic intuitive, spiritual advisor, Reiki master, and medium offering transformational tarot and astrology chart readings as well as sound healing, energy work, and ascension mentorship.
This empathic psychic intuitive has dedicated more than a decade of study to the arts of Tarot and Astrology. Through Natal Birth Chart and Psychic Intuitive Tarot Readings, Awen provides guidance for alignment with the life of your dreams.
Through facilitating deep emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing, Awen truly empowers and inspires all who cross her path to live and embody their very best life.
Highly attuned to energy and sound frequencies, Awen utilizes universal life force energy (Reiki) and intuitive insight to provide deep healing through chakra balancing and energy cleansing.
With crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drumming, and her angelic voice, she is also a gifted sound bath journey facilitator.


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