Natural Force Healing


Natural Force healing was brought specifically to earth for these times for our personal evolutionary purpose.
In NATURAL FORCE HEALING  we have identified 5 elements in the fiery contraction of disease, breakdown, and suffering in humanity.
Evolution of the soul
Abstaining from life
Abusive nature



About Kathlene

I’ve always been enthralled with nature. The beauty astounds me. So it was no surprise when I became a landscaper. From the East Coast to the pacific northwest, Seattle’s largest landscaping firm. One day, cut short by an accident, my opportunity for licensure was about to unfold.

1993-phase 1 of Natural Force Healing
T touch equine massage training
1994- Seattle massage school at Green Lake provided more accredited hours. Graduating 1995 with NBCMT.
1995- completion of phase 2 Natural Force Healing and certified natural force healing practitioner in Seattle
Passive biofeedback ( Toftness scope)
Certified reflexologist Albuquerque New Mexico 2004
Certified healing touch therapist- Colorado school of massage, Lakewood, CO 2012
Body, mind, spirit- Health Expo
ChristChurch, New Zealand
Natural Force Healing workshops and healing sessions. 2017 through 2019

Create all that is good. You are the positive change in this world.


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