“Light Weaving”

One Voice of Love Oracle: Ministry of Light, Christ Crystalline Consciousness Embodiment Empowerment, Ascension Guide

Sacred sharing of intuitive Living Light through God Source Creator, I am an open channel for the river of Spirit to flow, for the alignment with Higher Light OverSoul energy into New Earth higher dimensional living, an age of Golden miracles. Restoring frequency, energy vibrations, Harmonizing duality to neutrality, co-creating a reality of Unity, inner peace, harmony.

Imagine a life with more ease and grace, trusting in yourself, trusting the Divine plan, trusting your connection with Creator. Living life a new way- without fear, worry, doubt. No longer needing to focus on the pain, trauma, or suffering. A new perspective birthing a new experience of instant healings, miracle making, owning your Divinity as a free Sovereign Being and Child of God, fusion Union Light of Love. Surrendering resentment, rejection, regret with loving awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance, adjustments, and compassion in action -for true aligned cocreation in pure intention.

Imagine daily life sharing the power of presence, the present- gifting the now- a life worth living full of love- giving and receiving, sharing an abundant existence in continual flow and expansion.  Enter the Heart Center- God’s mansion, the Temple within this skin. Your Genesis, a new life begins. Empowered with all new sensing, feeling, trusting, and knowing. Connecting to your max potentiality, your Oversoul, Guides, Divine team of Light. Welcome your Soul essence home, whole and complete, Light guided, Light protected. You are the Light and the Light is within you.


Weaving light at deep levels; Light codes, Light Language, Light activational transmissions

All sessions may include a combination of techniques through speaking, singing, dancing, moving of energy vibrations with additional tools like Reiki and Theta-healing- shifting thoughts/beliefs through all your chakras and all levels of Creation, balancing your aura emitting Soul frequency to serve your highest and best good- in the highest and best way, while anchoring and grounding your Being into the New Earth grid harmonic system in zero point all time alignment with God and your Oversoul aspects embodied.

Light Code activations of Divine Genome, DNA Upgrades, Soul Divine Blueprint Restoration, Crystalline Christ Consciousness embodiment, Tools of Angel Alchemy for daily life application and integration, clearing & blessings.

 Balancing Divine feminine & Divine masculine energy within yourself- for Sacred Union to manifest in all areas of life and experiences. Healing of your Sacred Godspark Life Force Energy (inner-G) across all timelines.  Maintaining Divine Union within, Sacred Sensuality empowerment- reclamation of your heart-womb space, your body, your temple.

Sound baths and Sound healings may include Singing, Hathor Sound toning, Quartz Crystal bowls, Quartz Crystal Pyramid, Shruti box, kalimba, various other instruments as guided.

I’m a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher- offering healing sessions & attunements with added Light codes, sound healing, and live channeled messages included. As well as an advanced Theta-Healing practitioner.                 

* Certified Theta healing courses: Basic & Advanced DNA healing, Digging Deeper, Manifesting Abundance, and Manifesting Soul mates.

Remember, I won’t heal you, I share how YOU can heal you.  I’m not the guru, I simply Love you and will shine this Divine Light through the journey with you.

Let’s heal in a fun way and allow your inner child to be free to play together as you embrace and embody your Soul essence for self empowerment and freedom by stepping into your Divine Sovereignty and living from your Divine inheritance.

Extending an invitation to your Genesis, celebrating your rebirth- through the God, Source, Creator, the UniVerse – all things are made possible- as we remain open, allow, receive with trust, knowing you are worthy and deserving of this healing and living life fully embodied in the Light. You are safe, secure, and supported on this Earth fulfilling your destiny, your purpose, your free will choice- a life where the only mission is Divine passion in action. Allow the Light to show you how as you step into the here and Now.

Oracle- Light Weaving- Healing, Sound & Light activations, & Guided meditations
30 min $44
60 min $77
90 min $111
Please call for the 3 hour session to book
3 hour $369
Genesis Transformative Healing session with in-depth Activations, Attunement with training.