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Starseed Jolie

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Dragon Activation’s
1 Activation – Please book 15 minutes $40.00
7 Activation’s Please book 30 Minutes $250.00
14 Activation’s Please book 60 minutes $400.00
Galactic Activation’s and Sacred Activation’s
1 Activation – Please book 15 minutes $40.00
5 Activation’s Please book 30 Minutes $150.00
Card Readings
Please Book 15 Minutes $40.00
Please Book 30 Minutes $70.00
Please Book 60 Minutes $100.00
Palm Readings
Please book 15 Minutes – $40.00
Please book – 30 minutes $70.00
Please book – 60 minutes $100.00


Cassadaga, known as the “Psychic Capital of the World,” is one of those quaint little Central Florida towns you’d probably just drive through on the way to somewhere else with hardly a glance. Cassadaga  is especially known for having many psychics and mediums.
Jolie has been doing palm readings and energy healing and various activations for more than 20 years.

Key Benefits that Sacred Activations Provide:

✺ Channeled Energy Healing , ✺ Intuitive Readings and Life Guidance, ✺ Increase Your Intuition, ✺ Overcome fears and other emotions, ✺ Discover yourself and who you really are, ✺ Unlock your powers, ✺ Learn to share your healing gifts, ✺ Grow and heal your spirituality, ✺ Change your limiting belief systems, ✺ Heal illnesses and disease

Dragon Activation’s

  1. AMBER DRAGON- PAST LIVES – Clears discordant energies from past lives and it can clear oaths, vows and contracts.
  2. BLACK DRAGON -SHADOW WORK -Brings to light those energies that are being suppressed, ignored or that someone   feels guilt or shame about
  3. BLUE DRAGON – INTUITION – Works with amplifying intuition and opening the Clairs.
  4. BROWN DRAGON -EARTH PURPOSE – Work with the Brown Dragon for bringing clarity for your Purpose on Earth and also to activate Divine Gifts.
  5. GOLDEN DRAGON -PROSPERITY- Golden Dragon works with all things related to money, finances, resources, and expansion of wealth.
  6. GREEN DRAGON -WELL- BEING- This is the Dragon to work with physical issues and ailments.
  7. ORANGE DRAGON -JOY – Orange Dragon works with Joy and Fun.Also works with rediscovering zest for life 
  8. PINK DRAGON – SELF LOVE- Helps those people who want to eliminate lack of self confidence- sabotaging patterns and doubt .
  9. PURPLE DRAGON – RELATIONSHIPS – Helps when working with relationships with money, career, and business.
  10. RED DRAGON – PASSION – Works for bringing in a boost of confidence or when someone is unmotivated , or stuck.
  11. SILVER DRAGON – CREATIVITY – Work with this Dragon for any creative project or to get unstuck from writer’s block or feeling blah and unmotivated.
  12. TURQUOISE DRAGON – CLARITY- This Dragon helps with clarity for any situation or relationship.
  13. WHITE DRAGON – SOVEREIGNTY- This Dragon is all about knowing your worth. Work with him to eliminate feelings of “not good enough” or “I don’t matter”.
  14. YELLOW DRAGON- PROTECTION – This Dragon works to clear spiritual interference, entities and delete implants.

Sacred Activations, Galactic Activations and Dragon Activations

What is a STARSEED ?

A Starseed is an advanced spiritual being or soul that originated from distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies, typically far from Earth. Starseeds are believed to have come to Earth to help humanity and the planet.

Reverend Jolie AKA  Cassadaga Starseed  is an Intuitive counselor , Master energy healer, Clairvoyant and Galactic Starseed*  who works with her clients’ energy fields to release any blocks, and to restore them to their inner state of vibrant health and wholeness. She offers readings, leading edge healing and coaching for those on the spiritual path. She is the author of a chapter  of The Inner Circle Chronicles Book III that was  released in March, 2016.

Below is an example of one of the many Galactic DNA Activations available through Cassadaga Starseed

Lyra (Epsilon Lyrae) –This constellation helps with connecting heaven on earth.
Also initiates change and the assistance in the journey of the soul from birth through death. This is the
star constellation you call on to help with homesickness in star-seeds. Also, it helps with remembering
your Atlantean self. Activating the Atlantean abilities and remembering your mission as an Atlantean
Priest or Priestess. It also helps with releasing emotions of Fear, Abandonment, Trust, etc.

Starseed Jolie specializes in Sacred Activations that can remove the layers that contain any and all limiting beliefs, clearing out old patterns while reconnecting clients to their true Self and energy.

Reverend Jolie is certified in Angel Card and Oracle Card Reading, and Arcturian Light Healing among many other modalities. She also is skilled in Scientific  Hand Analysis and Energy Transfer Reset.

The healing process is different for each person. It’s important to choose an energy healer that resonates with you. Choose one that intuitively feels right for finding and clearing whatever energy blocks that are preventing your body from healing itself. Once we remove limiting patterns and beliefs and remember who we are then we are free to live the life of our dreams.


Additional information

Dragon Activation's

One Activation only, 7 Activation's, All 14 Activation's

Galactic Activation's

One Activation, 5 Activation's

Palm Readings

20 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 60 Minutes

Sacred Activation's

26 Activation's

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    Jolie reminds me a lot of the crystal Fire Quartz. She helped me feel more grounded and more connected to my root chakra. She has this magic ability to show you your unique puzzle pieces that make you who you are and then help you understand them. I also felt my energy levels being restored with my session with her. My palm reading and everything else she mentioned was incredibly on point- I also felt a great sense of support on my journey as well.

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