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Call for appointment $45.00 per session.  Packages available



Call for appointment $45.00 per session.  Packages available


2 reviews for Halotherapy

  1. Julia Constantine

    I have COPD and other lung issues, halotherapy makes it easier to get a deep breath. It’s better than breathing sea air because as it is polluted, the halotherapy booth has no pollution. You are breathing pure medical grade micro particles of salt.

  2. Gayle B

    After having been diagnosed with lung cancer and COPD, I asked Jan what she thought the salt room would do for me and so I scheduled an appointment and went in.
    My results were phenomenal and I felt great.. so I went back in two days before my surgery and made it through the surgery and was finally getting well when I came down with a nasty respiratory infection. The cough was relentless and would not go away. My pulmonologist told me to get used to it that I would have that cough for the rest of my life.
    I went back into the room for another 30 minute session approximately 10 days ago and I have not coughed since.
    This is going to be part of my permanent therapy going forward, and I cannot wait to share brochures and experiences with both my pulmonologist and my oncologist
    If you’ve ever questioned if it works or is worth it, it does and I highly recommend it

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