• Basic Spirit Drumming
    The drum is one of the oldest tools used in healing, meditation, relaxation, and journeying. Thom Dandridge of Pathdrummer will be using a frame drum to introduce you to the basics of reaching a meditative state using and playing the drum for yourself. This class will allow you to use the drum to open up your ability to meditate, relax, and begin a healing process. You will also discover how to open your intuitive self through the use of the drum. It is fine if you do not own your own drum, we always have extras for you to use.
    $ 30 Very Limited Seating
    "When I drum it is a pathway to an altered state of consciousness, a different dimension, a way for my imagination to be free and let thoughts, ideas and emotions come freely." - Dr. Ina Anderson
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  • Love offerings accepted/ Limited seating due to Covid 19.  If there are no dates available, that means we are booked.  Please check back the first of the month to see if a spot is available.
  • Using sound, guided meditation, energy, and aromatherapy in unison, Marissa guides individuals to a state of balance, centeredness, and neutrality. This practice releases what no longer serves, and opens the individual to clarity surrounding the intention of the session. Sound and guided meditation support the individual in relaxation and visualization of the journey. Energy is used to balance, open, and clear the energetic body so the individual is more easily able to embody their best self. Aromatherapy is used to support the intention of the practice through its wide range of physical and metaphysical benefits. Marissa was taught through the wisdom of the Lakota tribe, Peruvian medicine holders, eastern philosophy, and channels from source and past lives. Her intention is to ease suffering and bring clarity to the people around her. Helping people see and embody their True Nature is her ultimate goal.
  • Love offerings accepted/   If there are no dates available, that means we are booked.  Please check back the first of the month to see if a spot is available.
  • Come join Natalie for an unbelievable journey through space and time to visit people and places where you lived before. Unforgettable Experience!
    $39 per person Pre-registration is required. Limited seating
  • Join Sherronda, Enlightenment Queen for a workshop to help those having difficulty meditating. Workshop includes inner activities, tools, and techniques to help reach a meditative state and inner peace. Reservations strongly recommended. Class starts 2 pm and ends at 4 pm. $25.00 per person If there are no dates available that means we are booked.  Please check back often for availability.


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