It is my mission to help people on this journey we call life. I do that using life readings, energy work to help with healing, and channeled information that comes from the “Ancient Ones.”

Graybear has been communicating with spirit since birth.  As a child, he was able to know and understand that everything is living and has its own energy.
As an adult, he has worked as a healer using crystals, energy, and voice to enable people to better understand their role on earth and assist them in whatever they need to accomplish their particular path. He is a conscious channel for “The Ancient Ones”, a group of non-physical entities that have been helping humankind since earth began. Through them, he is able to quickly go to the heart of your questions and give meaningful and pertinent information. He works with people from all walks of life and many different countries. He is sought after and revered for his integrity and accuracy.