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Intuitive Spiritual Center Gallery

We have moved! Our new address is 314 Carmel Dr. Fort Walton Beach FL, 32547.  Turn on the road between Walmart and Lowes. 

About us

A place where likeminded people can gather to help each other learn and grow.
We offer various classes and workshops during the week and weekends.
ISC stands for Intuitive Spiritual Center
A professionally operated spiritual center utilizing the gifts and talents of many lightworkers. Our spiritual work comes from the one source of universal light and love. 
Stone Soup is a shop where local artists and artisans share their unique, one of a kind designs.
You’ll find treasures like
Our goal is to provide a place where like minded people can gather to help each other learn and grow. To achieve this we offer a wide variety of classes and services including:
 Guided Meditations, Open Discussions, Spiritual Workshops, Seminars, Spiritual Energy Work, Intuitive Development Workshops,Creative Classes, Drumming Circle, Spiritual Guidance Coaching, Life Coaching, Metaphysical Fairs, Intuitive/Psychic/Medium Readings,Tarot Readings, Angel Readings, A Reading Library, Spiritual Energy Work, Massage Therapy (MM38275)
Short drive to Fort Walton Beach from Destin, Navarre, Niceville, Panama City, Pensacola, Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama.

Around the world there is a shift in the way people are thinking

  • Have you noticed what is happening to people all around you? 
  • Are you one of the many people just waking up to a new spiritual path and finding that you are having experiences that you have not had since you were a child? 
  • Are you noticing that your intuition has really kicked in but don’t know what to do with it?
  • Perhaps you have been following a spiritual path for a long time but trying to find a deeper understanding. 
You may already be receiving information from Spirit that will help in your life.  But now, suddenly you want to have a better understanding of your experiences; how to focus, expand and use your abilities You may be wanting to use them to help other people or to just help your self. Maybe you would like to have a reading from one of our intuitive readers to uncover answers or give you confirmation that what you are thinking is correct.
To explore answers to your questions, find like minded people to communicate and learn more about your own spiritual path join us at the Intuitive Spiritual Center. You are sure to find someone to help and guide you on your spiritual journey.
God gave everyone our intuitive abilities so we would know when and how to protect ourselves we help you learn and understand the information. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said: “If prayer is you talking to God your intuition is God talking to you”! So learn how to listen to what you are receiving. Intuition and Psychic are truly the same thing just misunderstood!

Welcome home!

Come Grow With Us!
Jan Myers

Founder & CEO

Cara Gardner
Cara Gardner
I don’t leave reviews often but I absolutely felt that I needed to with stone soup . This place is amazing ! They have every crystal you could ever need ! Walking in was a whole vibe . Definitely felt calmer . But the man who Charged my crystals and necklace had the most unbelievable energy . It was amazing ! I felt it up my spine ! I still feel it in my pendant ! Very wonderful place and I will definitely be back ! They have sooo many things I want !
Izzy Rue
Izzy Rue
Wonderful energy, amazing staff, spectacular customer service, fair prices!
Patricia Bessa
Patricia Bessa
AWESOME FWB COMMUNITY of HOLISTIC HEALERS offering energy readings. TAROT, REIKI, Massage – i wish there was more places like this ! Not to be missed
Tiffany Rhames
Tiffany Rhames
Great vibes, people and atmosphere
Amy Pike
Amy Pike
Friendly and knowledgeable staff that are always so welcoming. Wonderful readers and energy workers. So grateful for this community of healers.
Dawn Scott
Dawn Scott
Hope there’s enough room LOL! This place is great! If you need anything spiritual, they have or know where you can get it. I was led by Spirit to go in. I’d been debating on it for a few weeks and one day I see a car in Destin that had bumper stickers that’s were unforgettable! I remember thinking, “that driver is part of my tribe!” So later that day while driving down Carmel Drive, I see the car I saw in Destin earlier…at Stone Soup! No coincidences! I love this place and will be returning soon!
Unknown. Committe_101
Unknown. Committe_101
Amazing store! Vibes were high and positive! This is definitely my new favorite spiritual shop :3


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